Jun 4 3:54pm

To be a FLOCer is to Volunteer!

Looking for a pick-up line?  Here’s one that’s really telling: “So, do you volunteer much in the community?”  Now wait for the reaction…  If all you see is shock and complete confusion, then you’ve got your answer.  However, if a huge smile crawls across their face, there’s a good chance you’re in beautiful company.  Proceed!

This past week at FLOC’s awareness event with America On Track, FLOCers Jackie Leeman, Kahlee Shaff and Dewey Bushaw shared their love and passion for volunteering (video).  “It gives me a good perspective about life,” shared Kahlee as she reflected on her experience volunteering at the Cystic Fibrosis gala.  Dewey shared, “Some people say that the hardest part about volunteering is being around people that have so little and need so much help, but actually the hardest part is simply signing up and going.  However, once you get there you have a lot of fun, you meet a ton of great people and you have a good impact!”  Jackie (as FLOC’s Volunteer Coordinator) finished with a final pitch to check out the website, find events on facebook or simply e-mail her at jackie.leeman@futureleadersoc.org

If you haven’t noticed, FLOC and FLOCers are about volunteering.  We are engaged in the community, working with over 40 nonprofit charities to make a difference, raise money and support their amazing causes.  Our mission/vision and foundation are built on the general concept that leaders serve and contribute to making their community a better place.  The result has been over 3,500 hours of volunteer service and $20,000+ raised for local non-profits.  Thank you FLOCers!!

If you haven’t volunteered with FLOC yet, now is the time!  I promise you, you’ll receive more than you give.  Become a leader in your community and volunteer today! ~ For a list of FLOC’s upcoming volunteer opportunities, please click here! Or contact FLOC’s Volunteer Coordinator at Jackie.leeman@futureleadersoc.org


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