Brotherhood Crusade

Founded in 1968, the Brotherhood Crusade’s principal mission is dedicated to building and sustaining an institution that raises funds and resources from within the community and distributes those funds directly back into the community. Brotherhood Crusade has a history of building alliances with other organizations, corporations and foundations of goodwill that are committed to and understand the tremendous need for helping our community and people grow and prosper.

The Brotherhood Crusade has made a major impact on the lives of many by creating and providing more than 50 million dollars in grants for programs and supportive services such as:

  • Job training and placement
  • Teen counseling and mentoring
  • After school and sports programs for youths
  • Domestic violence shelters
  • Substance abuse and prevention
  • Scholarships for low-income students
  • Placement and feeding homeless families
  • Senior citizen services
  • Health fairs and health awareness programs
  • Gang prevention and intervention programs
  • Welfare to work programs
  • Technical assistance and small business loans to minority business owners
  • Fiscal management to other non-profit organizations
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