St. Barnabas Senior Services

In 1908 St. Barnabas Senior Services opened its doors in Los Angeles, California. Over 100 years later, St. Barnabas is thriving as a dynamic nonsectarian, nonprofit organization that is widely recognized for its innovative programs. By pioneering programs that promote healthy aging, prolong independence, and enhance dignity for more than 8,000 seniors, SBSS has become a leader in the field of aging.

SBSS serves one of the most multiethnic, low income, and densely populated areas in Los Angeles, which includes Chinatown, Koreatown, Filipinotown, and a major Hispanic population around the greater MacArtthur Park/Westlake area. Typically our participants are in their mid-70s, live alone, depend on Social Security of $800 monthly, have few friends or relatives to provide assistance, and speak minimal English. Nearly all of these older adults live at or below the Federal poverty level, and they lack the resources to meet their basic food, housing, and medical needs. Though seniors who come to SBSS have diverse, vibrant backgrounds, at SBSS they find a family in each other and in the caring staff that work with each day.

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