May 4 3:57pm

Dewey Bushaw, FLOC’s Web Designer

Most of you I am assuming have met him, laughed with him, argued with him, volunteered with him, slapped him, kissed him, jumped on him, been massaged by him, challenged by him, instructed by him, checked-in by him, encouraged by him, shed a tear by him or simply decided not to engage with him only to renounce it all to engage even further…  If you know him you love him, because his heart is real, his compassion true and his friendship authentic.  Some of you call him Dewey or Dewster, Dewdog or Dew, Buuuushaw or Bushy, but I like to refer to him by his full God given beautiful name, that is Dewey Bushaw the 3rd!  If you know Dewey, and I mean really know Dewey, then you know that you are one of the luckiest people alive.  His heart is bigger than yours, his stamina and endurance for selfless love has and will continue to pass you buy, but that is what makes him wonderful, lovable, acceptable and beyond a doubt enduring.  He is friend, brother, uncle, son and a down right hilarity of a FLOCer dedicated to all things community, service and leadership.  He is the original and only Director of Technology, the flywheel upon which all seek knowledge in the FLOC cyber world.  Ladies and gentlemen he is the master of your server, he is DEWEY!

This week we celebrate and recognize the only one amongst us that has the talent and down right grit to produce a webpage that can cross city, county and state lines.  A webpage that is designed for unlimited growth, possibility and endless expansion into the unlimited places and countries that seek community involvement.  A webpage that is unique yet universal, modern yet timeless, brave yet conservative and by all means and purposes sexy!  This week we celebrate our new webpage, but more importantly we celebrate the man, behind the man, behind the webpage…Dewey Bushaw.  Last year’s official and original “FLOCer of the Year.”  The one who upon which the award was given because in all reality there really was no contest.  He simply stole the show and he continues to do so, now at this time and maybe even later.  That’s why I acknowledge him, celebrate him and give him a nod to the code that is his.

We love you Dewey!  Thank you for your 100+ volunteer hours putting our new FLOC webpage together,!!!  ~  For more info about Dewey, please check out his FLOC profile in our Member Directory and hire him for a job worthy of his talent!


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