FLOC-LA Team Openings

2016 will be another remarkable year for FLOC Los Angeles.  It will be organized and orchestrated by Co-Directors Jeffrey Zhu and Soleil Delgadillo as well as an amazing Team made up of extraordinary young professionals.  Are you one of them?  If so, please take a look at the requirements below and confirm your decision to be a 2016 Team Member by signing up to volunteer.  We’re excited to have you!

2016 FLOC-LA Team Requirements:

  • 1 year Commitment
  • Assist/Plan 2 Awareness/Social Events
  • Assist/Plan 2 Volunteer Experiences
  • Assist with Marketing/Social Media
  • Report to National Office


  • It’s Fun!
  • Significant Networking Opportunities


  • T-Shirt
  • Name Badge
  • Special Team Events

The FLOC-LA Team is a shared responsibility.  Roles will be divided to help lighten the load, but all Team members are considered leaders of the organization.

Sign-up to be on the FLOC-LA Team Here! 

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