Dec 21 9:29pm

FLOC Volunteers Give 22,000 Hours of Service in 2011!

FLOC volunteers have much to celebrate at the end of 2011 with over 22,000 service hours given to the local community.  That number was achieved through 182 volunteer opportunities, partnering with over 60 nonprofits, expanding into SD and LA counties, engaging new members and creating an innovative corporate volunteer matching program.  According to theIndependent Sector  an hour of volunteer work in California is worth $23.42 based on the cost of living in the state.  If that is true, than FLOC volunteers contributed $515,240.00 to help create a better community for southern California!  Factor that number into FLOC’s $45,000 annual budget this year and one could say that for every dollar donated to FLOC 11.5 dollars were returned to the community.  Now that’s an enormous return on investment!

Thank you to all FLOC volunteers for your time and energy serving in 2011!  Next year’s goal is to achieve 25,000 in Orange County and 14,000 in LA and SD counties, totaling 53,000 hours for 2012.  Let’s do it!!

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