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Securing the theatre of tomorrow is our priority.

At BrenMark, we believe that theatre is about building a community and making that community reach across all socio-economic barriers.

While artistic expression is a fundamental outlet of childhood, a child’s sustained exposure to the arts also has distinct has social, intellectual, and psychological benefits.

Social – Students in art programs connect better with one another, resulting in greater camaraderie.

Intellectual – Children who have prolonged art education outperform their peers on standardized tests by 18-27%.

Psychological – Youth involved in art programs show improved attitudes about themselves and their future.

Yet, with all the positive and undeniable benefits of art education, art programs across the country are underfunded, unsupported, and disappearing rapidly.In the Los Angeles Unified School District, arts programs were cut up to 50% in 2010 and are likely to be cut the remaining 50% in 2011 in response to the current budget crisis.In addition, disadvantaged and at-risk youth are often barred from any arts programs that do exist in favor of placing them into remedial language and math classes, further ignoring research showing that disadvantaged youth receive even greater benefits from arts programs than their advantaged counterparts.

BrenMark’s goal is to restore art education and exposure to those who need it most, yet do not receive it at all – the disadvantaged youth of Los Angeles.

Through a series of monthly theater “master classes” taught by theater professionals, BrenMark’s after-school theater programs bring the arts to children with no cost to the parents or school. Each program culminates to a fully realized production that is performed by the students.

BrenMark’s scholastic program may include classes in the following:

  1. Acting
  2. Improvisation
  3. Musical Theatre
  4. Directing
  5. Scenic and Lighting Design
  6. Playwriting

In addition to after-school programs, BrenMark also fosters a professional theater community, encouraging innovative performances and mentorship. When the children are not in class, they will be invited to a variety of theater programs at which they can gain exposure to a wide variety of otherwise generally inaccessible art programs – and sometimes even perform themselves along with the pros.

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