Team Lukey

Team Lukey is a fundraising team for Autism Speaks, and FLOC is proud to be their partner. Please visit and like their Facebook page. Here is a message from their founders:

This page honors my boy and so many other incredibly brave kids just like him, who fight so hard every day to have a shot at a beautiful, connected, expressive and full life….filled with birthday parties, friendships, dates(all in good time), college, fulfilling productive careers, families. Simply put, just a fair shot at the starting line….The rest is up to them!!!!

Most of all, I especially want to share a very heartfelt and genuine thank you to all of YOU – my community, colleagues, friends, family and even strangers, who reach out to us everyday with a simple smile, an empathetic knowing look, a “we’re with you” pat on the back, and perhaps best of all…a deeply felt warm hug that fills me with such an overwhelming sense of hope, strength and the tenacity to keep gooing…having a safe place to lean and a community whose strong enough to carry the load is an anazming gift and one i am in awe of and truly grateful for….our beautiful boy is unfolding before our eyes, a little more everyday… he is on his way back to us….!!!!!!!!!

Thank you. Thank you
You are the heroes!
G & L

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